Body Type I

Dress For Your Body Type

We all love to wear “what we want to wear!”  But truth is… we don’t always look good with what we want to wear.  That is why it is important to “Dress For Your Body Type!”  Many of us don’t know what our body type is or don’t want to know what it is.  When we know what it is, but don’t want to acknowledge it, it is probable because we have to wear clothing according to that body type, which will disappoint us because, “We can’t wear what we want to wear!”  But, if we wear what we should wear, we will be a part of the Fashion World and when it comes to making a Fashion Statement, body type and dressing according to your body type can be the most important thing when making that Fashion Statement.

The Most Common Female Body Shapes that we are very familiar with are the Hourglass, Apple , Pear, and Rectangle Shape, but there are 8 more Body Types that many of us are not aware of.  I will start this Blog with the 4 Body Shapes that we are most familiar with. 

  • Hourglass (the Hour Glass Body shape is the Envy of all women!) You are quit LUCKY to have the Hour Glass Body!  Your bust line and buttocks are in proportion and waistline is well-defined.  Your shoulders are slightly rounded and are in perfect alignment with your buttocks.  Your legs are also is in well-proportioned with your upper body.  Although your figure is the most attractive, you CAN go wrong if you do not wear the right clothes. Make sure you accentuate your waist to show off your perfect curves.  You can wear belts, wrap around skirts and dresses, flowy dress and skirts, as well as well-fitting clothes.  Do Not Wear loose clothing and gaudy embellishments, as it will take away from your Hour Glass Shape.  

  • Apple: Your breasts are larger than your hips, shoulders are round, waist undefined, slim hips and thin legs and arms. You need to wear softer fabrics, tops that fall below the hip bone, V-Necks and scooped tops, and clothes that are well-fitted….Flared Bottom, pants and jeans, Pants that are flared,  high-waist shorts , as well as heels, platforms, wedges, and sandal straps shoes.  Do Not Wear tight clothing, or clothing that bring attention to the waist, turtle necks, legging/ jeggings, broad belts, necklaces that are close to the neck, off-the shoulder, halter necks, and boots.      

  • Pear: you have Large Hips and small breast. What do I wear? Wear tops that will make your shoulder look wider, like a scoop neck or boat neck. Also, wear a padded bra or silicone bra inserts can be used to enhance the breast to balance out your upper and lower body.  Do not wear tight pants like or skirts and balloon dresses and skirts. 

  • Rectangle or Straight: Your Body haves no curves and have the same measurements all over your body.  What do I wear?  A dress without a belt or elastic around the waist will look nice on you.  Accentuate other parts of your body, like your cleavage or legs. A tube dress or a Low V Neck Dress with a side split will look sexy on you! Do not wear clothes that will highlight the waist.   

As we understand and accept our body types, fashion can be fun and expressive! I will continue with the next set of Body Types.